Raleigh Piano Teachers Association

An Affiliate of the North Carolina Music Teachers Association

The Raleigh Piano Teachers Association was originated by the Raleigh Music Club. It began as an interest activity of that club and met with the Raleigh Music Club members for about two years. During this time, the enthusiasm and leadership of Mr. Stuart Pratt and Mrs. Roberta Templeton, along with others, proved to be a most vital force toward the growth of the small group and attracted the interest of other piano teachers. After two years and much help and encouragement from the Raleigh Music Club, it was felt by both groups that the piano teachers would find it to their advantage to form an organization of their own. Thus, in 1955, the Raleigh Piano Teachers Association, with Stuart Pratt as President, was organized. Since that time it has been successful in helping many teachers by its programs, workshops, and other professional activities.

RPTA Past Presidents

1955-62    Stuart Pratt
1962-64    Jo B. Horne
1964-66    Edna Deitz Busby
1966-68    Helen S. Johnston
1968-70    Margaret Moeller
1970-72    Dorothy S. Kenyon
1972-74    Jean Reinoso
1974-75    Elfreda B. Johnson
1975-76    Helen S. Johnston
1976-78    Hilda Lee Senter
1978-80    Helen Hunter Dees
1980-82    Myrtle D. Metz

1982-84    Ruth Hafley

1984-86    Alma Sparks
1986-88    Dolores Frazier
1988-90    Nara Snornieks
1990-92    Bonnie B. Walker
1992-94    Wilda Brown
1994-96    Jean Williams
1996-98    Susan Burnette
1998-00    Diana Thomas
2000-02    Ann Patterson
2002-04    Cenieth Elmore
2004-06    Kathy Sparks
2006-08    Dottie Buster

2008-10    Diane Blanchard

RPTA Charter Members

Below are the names of the charter members of the Raleigh Piano Teachers Association
who were influential in the founding of this organization:


Edna Deitz Busby

Beulah Cameron

Marion Cable

Ruth Everett

Elfreda Johnson

Dorothy Kenyon
Stuart Pratt

Hilda Senter

Elizabeth Scott

Louise Tripp